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You can rely on the Heading® quality

Test desk at Heading test laboratory

Quality from the Heading test laboratory:
Applications with a high number of cycles and high speeds and accelerations in demanding environments require tested, proven and guaranteed cable management systems, polymer plain bearings and linear systems. Heading conducts tests continuously in its in-house laboratory under extreme conditions. Over 2,000 experiments for E-Chain® and cables are conducted every year and over 5,000 for bearings. At the heart of our tests are tensile strengths and shear forces, coefficients of friction, wear, driving forces and abrasion; all under a wide range of different conditions and speeds. Influences, such as dirt, weathering, low temperature, impacts and shocks are also tested.

Technical Service and Support
Heading filter Provides soloution to our customer by supplying quality productions with strong technical support.

Laboratory Equipment
With extensive experience and knowledge, Heading filter have set up our own R&D Center and our filter media testing center is equipped with most advanced and completed testing facilities. All of these ensure us to provide the the highest quality filter media.