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Solid & Liquid Sepration Clothes

A Manufacturer of Filter Cloth, Filter Plates and Filter Presses for wet filtration,liquid-solid separation. Heading Filter develops filter press cloth by combining fiber & yarn types to suit your liquid-solid separation conditions. filter cloth belts can also be used for vacuum assisted and multi roll belt filters.

We manufacture filter press cloths for most popular makes and have the flexibility to customize products according to customers´ needs. Our offer for filter presses includes:• overhang cloth• barrel neck cloth• special press cloth • plate and frame press cloth   Main

Horizontal Belt Filters (HBF) are different from RDFs and RDVFs in that there is no pan. Instead, slurry is pumped onto the horizontal belt surface just ahead of multi-stage dewatering, drying, treating and washing “zones”. The final filter cake is discharged using gravity, wires or doct

Drum Filters: Rotary Drum Filters (RDF) operate under a high vacuum, rotating a drum into a “pan” or vat of slurry, dewatering and drying as the drum rotates out of solution and over to the cake discharge side. The filter media is caulked onto the drum and stays in the same place. De-wat

Discs & cloths for vacuum & pressure filtersWe provide filter and dryer discs for pressure filters in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We also provide cloths with customized design for vacuum and pressure filters (leaf filters, disc filters, rotary drum filters, Kelly filters etc.); t

Our bags and liners are used in both vertical and horizontal axis centrifuges for solid-liquid separation. Each product can be customized according to the customer specific needs in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.   Main features:• Fibers: polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, flu