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Non woven fabrics which characteristics and types of
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non woven fabric Features:
1) ventilation
2) filter
3) insulation
4) water absorption
5) waterproof
6) scalability
7) not disheveled
8) feel good, soft
10) has elasticity, can be recovered
11) fabric directionality
12) with textile fabric production compared to high production speed
13) the price is low, can be mass-produced and so on.
14) fixed size, not easily deformed
Non woven fabrics types
Non woven fabric according to the different production processes can be divided into:
1, spunlace nonwoven fabric: is the high-pressure fine water spray to a layer or multi-layer fiber web so that the fibers entangled with each other, so that the webs are reinforced rather have a certain strength. String 5
2, heat sealing Non woven: means adding fibrous or powdered hot melt adhesive reinforcement material in the fiber network, fiber network and then heated to melt cooling reinforcement into cloth.
3, pulp airlaid Non woven fabric: can be called airlaid, dry papermaking nonwoven. Airlaid wood pulp fiberboard opener into the state of a single fiber, the fiber aggregation into a network of screens, fiber mesh reinforcement into cloth and then use the airflow method.
4, the wet nonwoven fabric: is placed in the fiber raw material in the aqueous medium opener into a single fiber, while the different fiber raw materials are mixed to prepare the fiber suspension pulp suspension slurry is fed into a network mechanism, the fibers in the wet state into a network and reinforcement into cloth.
After 5, spunbonded nonwoven fabric: in the polymer has been extruded, stretched and forming a continuous filament, the filament laying into a network of fiber network through their own adhesive, heat bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement method, so that the fibrous web into a nonwoven fabric.
Meltblown nonwoven: process: polymer feeding --- melt extrusion to --- fiber formation --- fiber cooling --- into the net --- reinforcement into cloth.
7, Non woven acupuncture: a dry Non woven, acupuncture Non woven fabric is the role of the use of the needle puncture, the fluffy fiber mesh reinforcement into cloth.
8, stitchbonded nonwoven fabric: a dry nonwoven fabric, stitch using warp coil structure of the fiber network, yarn layer, Non woven material (e.g., plastic sheet, plastic, thin metal foils, etc.) or the combination thereof for reinforcement, to prepare a nonwoven fabric.
Non woven fabrics have many advantages: 1) ventilation 2) filtration resistance 3) insulation 4) water absorption 5) waterproof 6) scalability 7) disheveled 8) feel good, soft 9) lightweight 10) flexible, can be recovery 11) directional fabric 12) production of textile fabrics high production speed 13) and low price, can be mass produced.