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Industrial Woven Filter cloth Medias

Heading Filter is your one stop shop for woven fabric, filter cloth, filter plates, and filter presses filter cloth. We are the experts industrial woven fabric, filter cloth manufacturer. Your source for filter cloth filter plates filter presses filtration equipments.

Polyester Filter ClothThere are 3 series of Polyester/PE filter cloth • PET multifilament (long thread) filter cloth • PET monofilament filter cloth • PET multifilament/monofilament filter cloth   Applications Dedusting, separation in solid and liquid filtration, for filter

Polypropylene filter clothThere are 3 series of Polypropylene/PP filter cloth:1. PP multifilament (long thread) filter cloth2. PP monofilament filter cloth3. PP multifilament/monofilament filter cloth   Representative products 1 Thinner filter cloth: 521,522,4212,750A2 Thicker and with higher

Monofilament filter cloth The surface finishing of Pyrocondensation and Canlandered will make filter cloth reach Highest Filtration Efficiency,good cake discharge ,good cake washing ,highest tensile strength ,longer using filament fabrics including 4 series: • PET monofilament filter

Polyvinyl Alcohol Staple Filter Cloth There are 3 series of Polyvinyl /PVA filter cloth: • 295-1A: Good heat absorption. Mainly used in rubber industry. • 295-102: High breaking strength, good anti attrition. Mainly used in high -pressure press filter. • 295-104: Low breaking streng

Conductive (Anti-Static) clothConductive (Anti-Static) cloth is a synthetic material, most often a polyester, woven throughout with stainless steel wire or carbonized filament to dissipate static electricity. Non-conductive material is also usually polyester, but does not contain these metal wires o