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Filter Press Plates

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Fitler Press Plates

100% polypropylene raw material, 250 * 250- 500 * 500-630 * 630-800 * 800-1000 * 1000mm filter press plates
Chamber and plate-frame type

Perfect sealing
High chemical resistance
Improved Product Quality
Low weight
Long-life use
Guaranteed up to 16 bar pressure
25mm-50mm cake thickness
Excellent filtration with Modern design
Color options
High heat resistance
Custom produced –    Feeding from center, corner or the top of the plate –    closed or open discharge


Uses of Filter Press Plates
Wastewater treatment plants–    Municipal and industrial sludge dewatering
Chemistry–    production organic dyestuffs and pigments
–    Chemical intermediate products, aluminum oxide, kaolin, clay …
Ceramic–   dewatering of Porcelain, ceramic, sludge
Mine–    Flotation of coal and metal
Marble–    dewatering of marble sludge
Pharmaceutical Industry–    Extraction of intermediate products
Oil Industry–    Separation of oil
Textile Industry–    Textile dyeing and weaving
Food Industry–    the production of foodstuffs like Sugar, oil, Fruit juice, yeast, starch, wine, beer…


Plate Accessories
Plate handles and tabs
Plate Handles

•100% polypropylene,
•Easy to grasp
•Accordance with the automatic opening and closing system
Plate Tabs
•Durable, 100% polypropylene,
Domestic production and imported filter cloths (Polypropylene, Polyester, Cotton…)
• Polypropylene
• Polyester
• Polyamide
• Cotton
• Polyethylene
• Felt