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Heading Filter is a leading full line manufacturer of quality engineered dust collection bags, dust bags, liquid and custom filter bags and cartridges.

Product name : Ultrasonic welding machine for liquid filter bags Details : Designed for attaching plastic circular collars to nonwoven filter bagsSuited for low-production assembly of bag filters for chemical and industrial liquid applicationsCan assemble between 50 and 80 bags per hour*Six-step

Product name : Dust Collection Bag Details : Heading filter is the market leader in dust to air filtration who are cooperating with companies around the world to ensure that their only output into the workplace and local environment is clean air. Wherever dust is created, Heading filter bags can&

Product name : Filter Press Cloth Details : Filter press Cloth is an industry leader in developing custom filtration fabric for many different applications Experienced Filtration Fabric Weaving and Construction Whether your filtration process includes wastewater treatment, water supply, food pr

Product name : Liquid Filter Bag Details : Heading filter is a leading supplier of filter bags, filter cartridges, filter housing, and media filters designed to meet the requirements of all types of liquid filtration applications. Styles Of Filter Bag Media • FELT: Available in polyester a

Product name : Ultrasonic welding machine for liquid filter bags Details : Ultrasonic welding machine for liquid filter bags Designed for attaching plastic circular collars to nonwoven filter bagsSuited for