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Conductive (Anti-Static) cloth

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Conductive (Anti-Static) cloth
Conductive (Anti-Static) cloth is a synthetic material, most often a polyester, woven throughout with stainless steel wire or carbonized filament to dissipate static electricity. Non-conductive material is also usually polyester, but does not contain these metal wires or filaments and is therefore, ineffective in the dissipation of static electricity. Conductive (Anti-Static) is more commonly used in industrial applications. The addition of the wires and filaments has no affect on micron or porosity readings of the cloth. It is simply added to dissipate static electricity during the use of the material.


Conductive (Anti-Static) cloth is most commonly used in the manufacture of replacement bags, socks, chutes and sleeves for fluid bed dryer equipment, high shear granulators, mixers, blenders, milling operations, hoppers and discharge chutes.
HEAT RESISTANCE: Nylon 260 ºF / Polyester 275 to 300 º




Non-woven Antistatic Felts – The following specifications include only Conductive (Anti-Static) styles. Non-Conductive styles do not contain carbon or steel and are less commonly used. For specifications and further information about the antistatic Needle felt available please contact us.