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Baghouse Filtration Hardware

Your Dust Collector is a complex industrial machine that is made up of hundreds of different components. Sourcing so many different parts can be a maintenance nightmare.Do not worry, is here to help. By being able to source not only common Baghouse replacement parts, but also rare, and hard to find components, Heading Filter makes acquiring all of the equipment you need easy.

Cartridge filters are applied in areas where, due to a lack of space, small dimension filter batteries are required. Their corrugated structure allows to extend the filtering surface and moreover to maintain dimensions of a regular filtering bag. The standard dimensions of cartridge filters are:.-
Air Pollution Control Spare PartsWe are committed to supplying every spare part or service you may require during the complete lifecycle of your air pollution control equipmentHeading Filter can provide dust collector filter cages for all types of air filtration systems.  We offer a complete li

  1 The Best from Beginning to EndThis PTFE thread has proven itself in a wide array of applications. Beyond the sewability, it will continue to perform for years to come in the most extreme conditions. Our heading thread is backed by expert technical support and exceptional customer servi

Fitler Press Plates 100% polypropylene raw material, 250 * 250- 500 * 500-630 * 630-800 * 800-1000 * 1000mm filter press plates Chamber and plate-frame type Perfect sealingHigh chemical resistanceImproved Product QualityLow weightLong-life useGuaranteed up to 16 bar pressure25mm-50mm cake thicknes