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Air slide Fabric

We can supply both woven and non woven air slide fabrics, in fiber polyester, aramid, polyimide. Air slide Fabrics are used to transport solids with a high flow rate over long distances. Air slides provide an efficient, low energy system with minimum maintenance. They are available with multiple inlets and multiple outlets by use of integrated segment valves. our main air slide fabrics are as following:

Conveyor Parts Conveyor Belts inclduing:Nylon Conveyor Belt , Polyester Conveyor Belt , Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt, High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt , Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt , Pipe Conveyor Belt, Patterned Conveyor Belt, Steel Mesh Conveyor Belt, Side Wall Conveyor Belt, Steel Cord

Cotton sieve cleaning partsCotton sieve cleaning parts, air slide fabrics lump with iron rivet used in flour industries etc for sleeve cleaning. We Suita provide 100% cotton sieve cleaning parts, air slide fabrics lump with iron rivet used in flour industries etc for sleeve cleaning, the size as &

Cotton Sifter PadsHeading Filter developed this products according to the advantages of sample products from Bullet company of Switzerland, Simon company of Britain and Oaklim Company of Italy, the products is unique domestically, and its thickness, hardness, and duration have surpassed that of same
Non-woven Airslide Fabric a. Normal Temperature Polyester Needle punched Airslideb.High Temperature Nomex Needle punched Airslide Belt Technical Performance of Airslide Fabrics

Airslide Hose Our airslide hose are usually used for bulk cement trailer discharging. It always woking on the bottom of the trailer. Through inflation by air compressor, it makes the bulk cement discharging from the trailer. Some people called Aeration hose. It is really very similar as Fire hose

Plansifter cleanerplansifter is a nest of sieves mounted together so that material being sieved is divided into a number of fractions of different size.they are widely used in grain milling industries namely rice mills, flour mills and other food processing machineries Plansifter cleanerother name:

Special hose for aeration of bulk powders This technology is introduced from foreign countries, it is applicable to large-tonnage bulk cement tank trucks and varieties of fixed bulk cement tanks, it has no air cell and is characterized by large capacity, high speed in discharging ash, and high effic